Product’s Feature

Equipped with advanced equipments and strong R&D capability, “JLmag” is engaged to producing those magnets high magnetism, high consistency, high reliability and low loss weight, in order to satisfy different demands from different applications.

  • High magnetic performance – JLmag already to mass production with N52,50M,48H,45SH,40UH,38EH,30AH
  • High consistency – The consistency and the continuous stability of magnets are one of the key indexes to make sure the working properties of generators. With advance equipments and processing management, the Cpk of (BH) max can reach above 1.33.]
  • High working temperature – High working temperature magnet can be production by JLmag, The highest working temperature above up to 240℃
  • Low magnetic attenuation – At 120*4 hours situation of different batch wind turbines magnet to repeat do on condition that high temperature to do demagnetize test.
  • High anti-corrosion – The anti-corrosion of magnet itself is an important insurance of magnets’ life. We use HAST to do the 480 hours (20 days) aging experiment under the conditions of non-coating, high temperature, high pressure and high humidity, the level of the loss weight can reach below 1.2mg/cm2